Collision Repair Department

At Winegard Motors Collision Repair Department, we promise customer satisfaction, cost containment, and a quick turnaround time. We strive to bring you the highest quality repairs and safety standards at the best possible price. Other repair centres may provide you with a lower estimate, but may be cutting corners to get that lower price. In our business, cutting corners means low quality, unsafe repairs. If you have received another estimate, give us the opportunity to compare their estimate and explain the differences, and in some cases, even match the price - all part of our competitive pricing.

Earning your trust starts the moment you bring your vehicle to us for an estimate. That's why we always do a thorough inspection to let you know exactly what needs to be done and how much it's going to cost. We use leading-edge estimating technology to provide you with a detailed, honest, and accurate estimate.

When you leave your car with us, we'll give you peace of mind.
We provide hassle-free assistance for obtaining a rental car.
Being without your vehicle is stressful enough, so getting a replacement one shouldn't be.

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