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Get up to $10,000 off 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E! 15+ in-stock. Shop in-stock 2023 Mustang Mach-E EV Models.

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2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty

2023 Ford Super Duty - What's New for 2023

2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty Gets Super Connected
Heavy-duty Ford trucks have always worked as hard as or harder than anyone else's, and now the 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty is getting the tools it needs to be able to work smarter than ever before. Tools like 5G cloud-connectivity, a new Pro Upfit Integration System, trailer-theft alert, Pro Power Onboard, and more.
Pickup-Truck First: 5G Connectivity
The switch from 3G, 4G and all the earlier Gs to 5G is a bigger deal than it may seem. This isn't just a case of unplugging a 4G modem and plugging in a 5G one. The amount and nature of the communications 5G allows required new antennas, a new electrical architecture-the works. But the change helps "future-proof" the 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty to an extent heretofore unthinkable. Utilizing AT&T's high-performance 5G network, the truck will be able to self-report faults or failures big or small, which should help minimize diagnostic and repair downtime. The system will ensure features like Trailer Navigation always have the very latest map data, it will enable the addition of new features and functionalities for the truck itself, it'll enhance Ford Pro fleet management tools, and make things possible tomorrow that we might not even be able to conceive of today.


Pro Upfit Integration System

A new module integrated into the electrical architecture grants upfitters-the companies that produce snowplows, custom bodies, man-lifts, and the like for F-Series Super Duty trucks-access to the SAE J1939 protocol. This protocol affords carefully controlled access to certain vehicle functions, and in some cases allows external features to be controlled through the vehicle's infotainment screen. This means that rollback tow-truck body functions, strobe lights, locks on a custom truck body, etc. can all be controlled by the main screen. It also enables safety functionality-like preventing a shift out of park when a man-lift is raised. The six auxiliary switches on the overhead console are still included, and they still come connected to blunt-cut wires in the engine compartment that ease DIY accessory installation of items that don't require J1939.

Pro Telematics Trailer Theft Alert

Whenever a trailer is attached via the seven-pin connector, the truck constantly monitors continuity through that circuit-even when the ignition is off. Should someone disconnect the trailer wiring harness (or cut the cord), customers opting into the Ford Pro Telematics subscription will get an alert of possible theft. The same system will alert owners or fleet managers of anything impacting the vehicle or any attempts to tow it away. This system can also prevent the truck from starting outside allowed hours of fleet operation.
2-Kilowatt Pro Power Onboard
Here's another F-150 feature migrating to the Super Duty. As on the half-ton trucks, Pro Power Onboard features a DC-to-DC converter and a buffer battery that allow the truck to provide 2 kW of auxiliary power when the vehicle is switched on (using the auto-stop/start function, the engine may cycle on and off when this feature is in use, so it must remain outdoors). We look forward to reporting on the novel and innovative functionalities Ford dreams up to beam out to owners of the 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty in the years to come.