Manufacturer Offer

Costco Member Offer Ford CA Ontario District - Ontario FDA (Ontario)

  1. $1,000 Offer
  • Applies to select new 2018 Ford Escape.

  • * Disclaimer(s)
    • Costco members (that are first validated by the dealership) that purchase, lease or factory- order an eligible vehicle during the program period. Member Status MUST BE validated at the dealership. For eligibility under this program, a Costco member will be defined as any Canadian resident who has a Costco membership effective on or before June 30, 2017. Customers who obtain a Costco membership after June 30, 2017 will not be eligible for this Offer. For eligibility under this program, a Costco member will be defined as any Canadian resident who has a Costco membership. Standard Rules of Eligibility Apply. Dealers are required to self-validate Costco membership status. Step #1 -- Obtain the customer's Costco membership number for claiming. The Costco Member number can be obtained from the customer's Costco Card. Please note that if a customer provides you with a Costco/Amex credit card, the number printed on the credit card (starting with 3733) is not the actual Costco membership number. The Costco membership number should be 12 digits. Step #2 -- Verify the date on the back of the card is on or before June 30, 2017. Step #3 -- Ensure the name on the card matches name on contract Step #4 -- Maintain copies of the following documents in the deal jacket for post program audits: -Signed copy of the Costco Member Privacy Consent Form -Signed copy of the Customer Cash Claim Form -A photocopy of the customer's Costco Membership card (If you are photocopying the customer's Amex card, please ensure to strike through the credit card number for security reasons). -If transferred within the same household, where membership transferability must be established, confirmation is required that the Costco member has the same address as the person purchasing the vehicle. -If transferred to or from a business: A photocopy of the articles of incorporation showing the customer is an owner of the company. Eligible Delivery Types: 6, 7, A, E, 9, 0, X, J, 1, 8, L, K, 0, R, P Not all buyers will qualify for this incentive program, and some restrictions may apply. Available for a limited time only. Where the incentive is a manufacturer rebate, taxes may be payable on the full amount of the vehicle purchase price. See your dealer for details, terms and conditions, and to determine your eligibility for this incentive program. (See Trims)